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Private Bus Contracts

Cole’s Coaches operate and have operated private contracts for the largest companies and well-respected schools in Australia.

Private Bus Contracts

Cost benefit and safety initiatives are at the forefront of what is on offer.

Drivers, we think, are over-qualified, safe, friendly, and critical for services to operate efficiently. Cole’s Coaches values their staff at the front office, that is the drivers and their commitment in providing the best possible service for clients.

Technology is used to manage services with the back office ensuring the best routes and stops are being used. Also, careful planning of times for safe travel and maintaining open communication lines between the organisation, employees, school, students and parents/carers. With the latest technology available, vehicle and staff/student tracking can be utilised and is a great tool for the business and school community.

Cole’s Coaches mostly operate Scania buses and coaches that are known for their efficiency and limiting their environmental impact on the planet. Drivers are trained by Scania and internally to reduce emissions whilst driving. Reports are displayed for each vehicle in common areas so drivers and maintenance can see the figures such as CO2 emissions.

The two Directors work in the business and ‘on the floor’ to support their staff in delivering the best possible service for clients. Clients can call either Director anytime if they need assistance. This provides organisations and schools with that extra ‘peace of mind’.

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